About Us

Silver Lake Water and Sewer District was incorporated as a municipal corporation in 1934. Since then, the District has been getting its water indirectly from Spada Lake in the Sultan Basin. Spada Lake supplies high quality drinking water to the majority of Snohomish County. Originally all of the District's water was purchased from the City of Everett. Now, though some of it is still purchased from Everett, much of it is bought from the Clearview Water Supply Agency, of which Silver Lake is one of three members.

As of 2012, the District serves approximately 16,500 homes and businesses and 47,300 people. This customer base consumes an average of 3.4 million gallons of water per day and 1.25 billion gallons per year. To provide for this consumption, the District has over 16 million gallons of storage capacity between three reservoirs and almost 200 miles of iron (no asbestos or steel) pipe.

The original basic sanitary sewer collection system was constructed in 1970 and 1971 by Fircrest Sewer District. In 1980 Silver Lake Water District merged with Fircrest Sewer District, later becoming the current Silver Lake Water and Sewer District.

In order to collect and transfer the sewage, the District maintains approximately 175 miles of underground pipe flowing to and from 22 sewer lift stations.

The District is split into two separate sewer basins. Services in the Everett basin flow to the City of Everett for treatment and disposal. Services in the Alderwood basin flow to the King County Department of Natural Resources (Metro) for treatment and disposal by way of Alderwood Water and Wastewater District.

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